Julia Makeup Studio

Bridal Masterclass: $400
This class was designed to the makeup artist that wants to specialize in Bridal work.
This class is invaluable for the artist who is serious about launching into the bridal beauty business.  The class covers advanced makeup techniques,  airbrush technique and marketing essentials. 

*This class is one-on-one 100% hands on.
*Student must own a airbrush system. Temptu system (recommended) is available at the studio for  purchase with student discount.

Hair design - 5 weeks - 20 hours $500
 This is a great class for the working makeup artist that wants to work in the bridal business or just attract more clients.

*Blow out technique
*Red carpet
*Old Hollywood Thermal waves

​Airbrush Masterclass: $400

Who wouldn't desire the glamorous, flawless complexion you'll now be able to give them? They'll love how quickly your airbrushing skills will smooth away lines, cover blemishes and leave them radiantly beautiful and confident. There's a huge market of customers eager to achieve the same stunning looks the stars of film and television do-perfection that even defies the scrutiny of High Definition!
Whether you're a first-timer or desire advanced airbrush makeup training-you'll make extraordinary strides in your artistry in a minimal amount of time.
Stand out from the rest. Offer more than just airbrush foundation on your next client. Specialize in this unique service and application. Be able to airbrush everything! Make weddings your bread and butter! Attract new clients because you offer something so unique.

Duration: 4 weeks, 20 hours, 4 classes

*Student must own a airbrush system. Temptu system (recommended) is available at the studio for purchase with student discount

Makeup Artistry Course 12 weeks - $1050
Become a Certified Makeup Artist in only 12 weeks and start your dream career today!

Helping our students to succeed from the moment they step into our makeup studio is our goal. We provide each student with superior education and hands-on practice.

Classes are once a week for 4 hours and extra Lab days for practice. (Lab: extra practice day which is offered on different days and times and all students and grads are welcome to come.)

Payment plans and full financing through Paypal is available.


​Marketing - Advertising your services

Professional Etiquette

Contracts and release forms – How to protect yourself

Building your Kit



Brushes and tools

Eyebrow shaping and correction


Color theory

Color Correction

Foundation matching

Custom make Foundation, concealers and correctors ​

Face shapes - Correction techniques - Contour and Highlight

Eye shapes – Correction techniques

Eyeshadow: Day to night

Halo eye look

Smokey eye

Cut crease


Working with Glitter

Understanding Mature skin

Understand lightening

Full face practice

Understanding Deep/ Dark complexions

Full Face practice

All About Bridal

Product Knowledge

How to void Flashback


Avant Garde

Fantasy makeup

Boudoir makeup

-Where the real artistry happens...